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A Story of Data and Intelligence: Introducing IntentCues

A good sales conversation could go a long way. 

Getting your prospect to respond to your email/call, Phew! 

So how’s your day going?

“Hi, would you be interested in…..psttt?”


“Can we talk about this sometime in next quarter?”

“I’ll get back to you.”

Or perhaps, no response at all.

And any new phrase for rejection goes into the collection of new rejection templates from prospects.

Well, we all have been there, juggling between multiple tabs, to identify the right companies to target.

That’s why we wanted to change the story of the sales and GTM teams.

Today’s Sales Tech Stacks

When we look at the sales technology landscape, most tools focus on solutions at the lead level (individuals); however, the most effective prospecting should start from the account level (company level). This approach towards selling is called account-based selling.

To illustrate this, let’s look at the case of Simon, a Sales Development Representative who has got a lead, Danny, the Head of Data Engineering at X Company. Danny says he does not have a need for what Simon has been trying to sell. This is because the product that Simon was trying to sell was not helping Danny attain his goals. So if Simon thinks this company is not a right fit for the product, he is totally wrong because Mark, the Head of Data Science, is struggling to find a solution that Simon’s product can solve easily.

This is a typical scenario where a lead or an individual might not qualify for a potential selling opportunity. However, an account or a company might still have a need for your product or service. 

Why We Built IntentCues

Today, the sales team is empowered with sales stacks like CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and other such software. Yet, the hardship of researching companies to find and target the right accounts is still a nightmare. And no software holistically addresses this problem at its core. 

The reason being, they are often considered as low-hanging fruit but evaded from finding a suitable solution for this complex problem. The core of their hardship is to research and constantly listen to the market and people around their market for cues for a potential sales opportunity. 

IntentCues was born to address this gap in the journey of the salespeople. The world around speaks of pain points; the media over floods the web with information regarding businesses, but it takes a magic lens to see through the muddle.

Our expertise in aggregating and handling huge datasets coupled with artificial intelligence enables us to solve problems faced by companies in cutting through the clutter. With IntentCues, buying signals is at your disposal to build a better pipeline with qualified accounts. Our curated intelligence is a silver bullet throughout the sales journey from identifying to nurturing and closing. 

Wondering how? Let’s dive in.

1. Identifying

Salespeople spend a significant amount of time in manual research in building the list of accounts to target. Often only the gut plays a role in building and qualifying the list.

However, these instincts rarely make you lucky. Information, on the other hand, can make this process more reliable.

Our sales intelligence is changing the game of sales knocking on the doors of random target accounts. IntentCues identifies companies that match the buying signals and provides you the intel for strategic wins.

2. Nurturing

Chasing accounts after spending humongous time to finally hear “We’ll think about it” could really make you feel you are at wit’s end. But reinforcing the engagement by demonstrating your value with a focus on their special situation can go a long way in building trust. 

IntentCues helps you find cues about their present state of business and industry landscape for a potential opportunity to make your relationship move further along the sales funnel.

3. Closing

Here comes the tough part. The prospect is interested and loves to sign off.  Yet, choices often hold them back. Helping them decide on why they should choose you over others is tricky. 

With Intentcues, keep track of your competitors on a day-to-day basis. You could move the needle faster with our competitive intelligence and personalized battle cards. Our industry and market intelligence comes in handy for sales and account management teams to drive effective conversations. 

Well, if you are through all of this. You’re there.

Final words

“You don’t get lucky. You make your own luck.”

Now it’s time for YOU to be the best closer around!

Non-selling activities can now take a back seat. Simplify every stage of your sales funnel by automating your research process.

Proof is in the pudding.

Take a spin at our platform NOW!